Who I am

I am a front end developer who loves JavaScript as much as I am passionate about crafting and shipping quality code.

I’ve been working as a front end developer for over four years professionally, and three years as a hobbyist before that. My knowledge base is ever expanding around JavaScript and best practices. I’ve worked on projects using Node, React, Angular, Express combined with Sass, Bootstrap and Foundation.

One of other highly rewarding aspects about this field for me is learning by doing. Its a delicious treat challenging myself technically in every project I work on as is refactoring existing work. I also enjoy both learning from other developers by being part of a team and I love reinforcing my knowledge base by showing others what I have gained from experience.

Here's What I've Been Up To

Work Experience

  • Vimeo: Front End Developer July 2017-present
  • Fast Company: Front End Developer Dec. 2015-April 2017
  • ESPN: Project Web Developer I Dec. 2014-Dec. 2015
  • The Maki Fund: Front End Developer June-September 2014
  • Wizard Development: Full Stack Web Developer and Designer April-June 2014

Learning Experience

  • The Flatiron School: Full Stack Web Development Fellowship October 2013-March 2014
  • Pratt Institute: BFA, Fashion Design, May 2000


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