Old Fashioned

A standalone Bourbon/Neat/Bitters project in Compass

How do I use this magical creature?

Getting started with this project is easy. The basic instructions for setup are listed in the readme file on the github repo.

Perfect. I have done that. Now what?

Wrap your head around widget based CSS and HTML5 tags! You'll be using them frequently!

OK cool. What about the HTML?

The header is in a header tag.Article tags are for the most important items on a page. Asides are for the second most important sections. The footer is in a footer tag. Not rocket science. Add to it as you wish.

Gotcha. Now where do I put my own styling stuff?

For this project, I have included three files to get you started on styling your own projects. You can find them here:

  • Widgets: sass/neat/styles.scss
  • Bourbon Mixins: sass/bourbon/mymixins.scss
  • Base Styling: sass/base/mystyles.scss

Could this stand to be refactored?