Richland Atomic


Richland Atomic represents a complete shift in my design and development approach, and to date is one of my most interesting projects. It was also a great birthday gift for my father, who wrote a book about the history of our hometown.

Richland: An Atomic City was built with product parameters first and design last. The project needed to technically function above all else- both on a variety of devices and in terms of optimization and then function creatively in regard to user experience and appearance. It is an ever expanding and evolving project.

Its also an eighty eight cent website. From a technical growth perspective, this site is an impressive feat, harnessing Gulp to handle image processing, asset minification and deployment, and being able to connect the end result to the rest of the world simply by connecting a domain to the project. Check it out here, and buy a copy while you're at it.

Tools and Techniques Utilized In This Project

  • Gulp
  • Bootstrap 3
  • Sass
  • jQuery