Frequently Asked Questions

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I'm interested in being a client? What happens next?

Fabulous! First step, fill out our online rolodex and include what type of service you're interested in! Alternatively, if you'd like faster assistance or have specific inquiries, reach out tous directly.

How much does it cost to be a client?

We offer a variety of packages—including matchmaking, romance coaching, image consulting, and online profile maintenance—for different contractual lengths, and therefore evaluate clients on a case-by-case basis. The cost of working with us varies depending on your personal needs and the type of package selected. We are happy to give you a more detailed quote in person.

How many dates do the clients go on?

Our clients can go on as many dates as they please! Some clients enjoy going on one date per month, while others prefer two every week. It is entirely up to the client to decide what they can handle and find most productive for themselves. Dating is fun but it’s also an investment, so we keep pace with them and not the other way around!

I'm interested in only being a match for a client. What do I do?

Fill out our online rolodex! Please be honest, detailed and specific about your interests and desires so we can get an idea of who you are and the type of person you want. If we think you match with any of our cool clients, you'll be hearing from us!

Does it cost anything to match with a client?

We charge a one-time fee during the interview consultation for processing and maintenance purposes, but once you’re in the rolodex, it is completely free to match with as many of our awesome paying clients as we think you’d like.

Who sees my Rolodex entry?

Your information is absolutely confidential and restricted to in-office use only.

What happens during the interview? Do I need to bring anything?

The pre-screen confidential interviews runs 45 minutes to an hour. During that time, we learn more about you, your dating history, likes and dislikes, etc. It is super fun, informal and casual! You certainly don't have to bring anything to the interview but yourself and an open mind, but we do recommend you email us a wider selection of photos before the meeting. This ensures that you get a chance to show your best. A good rule of thumb is 3-5 photos, with a mix of full-body and close-up shots.

What kinds of clients do you have?

We are extremely selective regarding clientele. We only work with people whom we adore, people that inspire us. We have males and females ranging from their late 20s to 50s—amazing, attractive, relationship-oriented and successful individuals. We love being around them and think you will too!

Why Amy as a matchmaker?

Amy genuinely cares about you and your love life. She values the importance of mutual connection, and because she was the first matchmaker in NYC to work with both male and female clients, she has a better understanding of people in general. Amy wants both people in the relationship to feel connected and dedicated to fostering a thriving, communicative relationship and that can only happen when both parties are considered in the way that Amy considers them. She is exceptionally skilled at the art of discerning compatibility and is therefore able to successfully curate the love lives of her clients. In addition to her intrinsic talents, she also attended the Matchmaking Institute and has consulted for dozens of innovation and love companies, apps, and entrepreneurs. She has interviewed more singles than all the matchmakers in NYC combined and is often asked by her fellow matchmakers to set them up! If all that wasn’t enough, she has an extensive image consulting resume, so you can feel confident that every aspect of your dating preparation will be expertly reviewed.

If your clients are really amazing, why would they go through a matchmaker? Can't they find people on their own?

We like to say that our job is to go on the bad dates for our clients so they can dedicate their time and energy to only the best. Our clients are too high-profile to utilize online dating services and apps and too busy to spend time on countless average-bad dates in the hope that one will lead to something more. We curate the dating lives of our clients so they can put their energy into connecting with someone worthwhile and compatible.