More On The Modern Love Club

New York City's premier cool high end boutique matchmaking agency was established in 2007.

A pioneer amongst matchmaking agencies, in breaking away from the outdated idea that matchmaking is only for millionaires.

The Modern Love Club is one of the first, and select few agencies to successfully take on men and women, straight, queer, young, and the young at heart as paid clients. We only take on people we feel we can help, and our successs in the quality of our collaborations not the quantity.

Our specialty is not single people who cannot meet great people on their own, but shouldn’t. Our clients are freed to go out in the world and do the amazing things they are good at, while feeling confident that there is a team of experts working on their most important search.

The Modern Love Club has been featured in Elle, Vogue, Nylon, Vice as well as multiple film and television credits. Please check out our Press section for more details!

Our offices are Union Square adjacent and open Monday through Friday from 10 am to 5pm. The address is 89 5th avenue #601 New York, NY 10003. Looking forward to meeting you!

Meet Your Matchmakers

Amy Van Doran

President and CEO of The Modern Love Club.

Amy Van gives a damn! She takes the success of her client’s love life very personally and genuinely cares about your love life.

Amy Van Doran has interviewed upwards of 5000 single people in person, and has had the privilege of hearing over more extraordinary peoples lives stories.

She uses a combination of coaching, psychology, and good ole fashioned uncanny intuition to help lead her clients-- not only to finding their life partners, but also their highest selves.

Julie Nguyen

Master of All Things, Maker of Love Happenings.

A champion for true romance, self-actualization and authenticity, Julie wants you to find your person. When she's not exploring new music, putting hot sauce on everything, or biking around Brooklyn -- she's working her magic in the office and making love happen.

Julie focuses on finding love for our 20-something clients online, but she is an indespensible part of the Modern Love Club team in all aspects of romance.

Before Julie joined with the Modern Love Club, she cut her teeth with marketing research, non-for-profits, and publicity work.

Meet Your Facilitators

Jae Noh

Social Media Consultant

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Shelby Kern


After spending much of her life as the giver of practical love advice among her peers, Shelby turned to matchmaking to better the lives of as many NYC daters as possible. Her dating motto is "discovery requires experimentation." During her free time, she can be found sampling ice cream flavors, writing poems and screenplays, and having the wildest lucid dreams imaginable.

Hannah Nordgren

Web Developer

Hannah makes beautiful things for interesting people as a JavaScript Developer, and has had the pleasure of working with the Modern Love Club for the last two years.

Like the rest of the Modern Love Club team, Hannah believes there is a lid for every pot. It truly delights her to help facilitate amazing people to find their better half while getting to stretch her creative and technical wings.

You can find her work here, as well as finding her biking around Brooklyn frequently.

We're Hiring!

The Modern Love Club is always on the lookout to add new people to our team. If you are a self-starter, natural connector, networker — and are most importantly inspired by love, this could be a perfect gig for you.

Our love-agents are our extra set of eyes in the city, the movers and shakers that help scout matches for the Modern Love Club’s amazing single men and women clients. We work with the coolest people that we know; fashion designer, actors, writers, musicians.

This commission-based love agent recruiting position offers an incredibly flexible schedule to supplement full-time jobs and other creative endeavors. Our love agents don’t come into the office and sit behind a desk, instead they are usually out and about finding people during their day to day happenings; bars, parties, meet ups, the dentist’s office, wherever. If you would like to apply, reach out to with a resume and social media links.