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Fill out the rolodex

It only takes a moment to get in the Modern Love Club Rolodex, the gateway for meeting our amazing clientele. Tell us about yourself and who your perfect match would be.


We Capture Your Essence

At the interview, we'll gain more insight about you so we can curate incredible introductions for you.


Stay In Our Rolodex

Finding your ideal match may not happen overnight. We'll keep you in regular rotation our rolodex until we've done our job perfectly.

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What Happens Next


We Hear Your Story

At your one-on-one hour interview, we'll find out more about you and tell you about our services.


The Recipe For Love

Since we only take on 18 select clients every 6 months, we've come up on a focused, proven method for finding your best fit via bi-weekly check ins, date feedback from our clientele matches, and optimized online dating resources.


You Meet Amazing People

As your contract starts, we will initiate an ongoing dialogue and take the time to curate the best matches for you each week.

Where We're At

Our offices are Union Square adjacent at 89 5th avenue #601, New York, NY 10003. We are available for appointments Monday through Friday from 10 am to 5pm.